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We are the world’s largest email marketing tools provider. 

Who Are We

Auto Leads is a Russian company that provides efficient email marketing tools for email marketers, sales promoters, digital marketers and social media promoters.

Our Mission

A lot of email marketers find it difficult to reach customers and increase sales due to oan obstacle or the other. Our mission is to provide quality, updated and essential tools to help email marketers efficiently.

What We Do

We provide email marketing tools for email marketers.  We own a database of about 7 Billion regularly updated emails and leads.

Our History

Auto Leads came to life in 2009, keeping in mind the needs of the average email-marketer. We have created new benchmarks in best practices in customer satisfaction each passing year. We are very grateful to our customers, without them we might not have gotten this far. We are always expanding the edges of Email Marketing. Auto Leads has everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign. We also provide data search service so you can just specify your need and we will compile and customise the required database according to your request. We also provide mailing solutions like PHP Mailer, SMTPs and RDPs with algorithms tweaked for inbox delivery, eBooks, softwares and also social media likes and  followers for social media promotion.

Our 3-D Process



We are trained to discover new loop holes in the email marketing. Why emails do not get to the inbox or why your emails keep ringing spam.



After discovery, we develop solutions to these heart breaking problems and make our customers suffer none of it by providing accurate tools for successful email marketing.



Once we are done developing solutions, we deliver quality and updated emails, leads and other email marketing tools to improve your delivery rate and also increase sales.

Why choose us?

Auto Leads provides quality products that will help you reach your desired target customers fast, easy and smart.  When you purchase emails or leads from our database and other email marketing softwares, you can expect the highest quality.

Our team of experienced professionals make over 14 million calls each year to gather and verify valuable business informations.  To that effect, expect high quality products when you buy from us.

Auto Leads provide satisfaction to our customers. Our customers give us positive feedback because our quality products yield to projects with positive results.

Our support is always online to answer your questions any time you need help or guidance.

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